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Your Cappadocia experience would be incomplete if you do not explore the unique land above the sky with its secret myths. At that point we are happy to suggest our sister company Royal Balloon – Cappadocia for this lifetime experience and for the best service in the sky.
Day will start early for a balloon ride at Cappadocia and before you meet with the sunrise in the air you will have an open buffet breakfast at the HQ of Royal Balloon – Cappadocia. After the Chief Pilot checks the weather the Royal Balloon Team is will drive you to one of the amazing valleys for the take-off area of your hot air balloon.
After the take-off only master is the wind and will naturally draw your route in the sky. Your experienced and knowledgeable pilot who is the ambassador of the wind will happily tell you about the history and the legends of the region. Even when your minutes for flying is finished your unique experience is still going on with a champagne celebration and the flight medals presented by your pilot which will stay as the best memorial from your Cappadocia experience.


You will meet with incredible history and culture of Cappadocia during a daily region tour. The tour usually starts from Göreme Open Air Museum and the museum itself is the most famous attraction of Cappadocia, which is a World Heritage Site since 1984. There are eleven refectories within the Museum, with rock-cut churches tables and benches and each is associated with a church generally belongs to the 10th, 11th and 12th centuries. Then you will move to Devrent Valley, also known as Imaginary Valley, which forms a lunar landscape, or moonscape, by the strange look of fairy chimneys. After you let your imagination run free you will find animal shaped rocks or a rock pillar which looks like Virgin Mary, holding Jesus Christ. The next interesting stop would be to Pasabağ and you will be surprised once you see striking fairy chimneys with twin and even triple rock caps. And then time comes for the local art … Being located by the longest river in Turkey, Kizilirmak (Red) River, Avanos is the center of pottery art in Cappadocia since 3000 BC. Hundreds of the village’s men are skilled in making pots, plates, wine holders, and even ashtrays and chess sets and their skills have mostly been handed down from generation to generation.


Cappadocia hides legends and history within every piece of its unique homeland and here is another exotic way to explore it… Horseback ridings on the coast of Red River. You will feel as a Middle Age actor between the valleys and the trees while riding and you will get the real reason of calling Cappadocia also as the Land of Beautiful Horses. It does not matter even if you have never tried it before as the training instructor of the ranch is glad to brief you shortly how to ride and even you may have escort service once requested.


Explorations and new experiences are never finished at Cappadocia and some of them as ATV (Quad) Tours are a bit more about fun and action.  You may have that experience in a guided group tour or by yourself, independently, and if you would like to avoid the afternoon sun you may even do a sunset tour on Fair Valley or Love Valley.
You are the controller of your ATV in the experience and the level of enjoyment depends if you are happy with your dusty clothes.


You can hike through the valleys for hours at Cappadocia and easily collect hundreds of amazing photos on the way. Each valley is so much linked with each other in Cappadocia and you may have stops at small villages for meeting with local people and their culture. A hiking map is always efficient to show the routes and as always you may have a local guide with you as well during your hiking hours. You will feel no tired after many hours thanks to the fresh air in the sky and will be surprised to see small dovecotes are hidden on the caves.


In Turkish “caravanserai” means a roadside inn where travelers could rest and recover from the day's journey and, now, you are the guests of a caravanserai for a spiritual experience that we call as Sema Ceremony.  The whirling dervishes who perform the ceremony will introduce you how their soul gains wisdom with the love of god by the master view of Mevlana Celalettin Rumi. The Sema process takes about 45 minutes with 7 different stages including different meanings and at the end they maintain the religious “nirvana”.